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Together under the umbrella brand Gigatherm

To achieve optimal solutions and fulfillment of customer needs, we combined several companies under the umbrella brand Gigatherm.
With a common goal and a team of passionate professionals, we undertake the challenge of the future in many ways – both in the food sector and in the highly technical engineering division. The latter since 1975. The competency from different divisions allows us to think holistically and simultaneously perform multiple roles. Here, we complement each other perfectly. The vast know-how flows from extensive experiences into each process. A fact that allows us to work proactively, flexibly and efficiently.

Gigatherm AG
Production of microwave system solutions for food manufacturers as well as industrial and laboratory applications.

Gigatherm AG Food
Trendsetter in the food and process development with great knowledge of latest preparation methods and techniques.

Gigatherm Mikrowellen AG
Development of microwave system solutions for food producers, industrial and laboratory applications.

BINDER Dehydration GmbH
Independent brand, for over 60 years, we have been producing industrial-scale drying systems, fully automated handling mechanisms and converting machinery for the food, chemical, and disposal industries; dehydration and processing technology suitable for any customer’s needs
Learn more at www.binder-dehydration.de

Koller + Morger AG
Independent brand and manufacturing partner for sheet metal processing. Learn more at www.kollermorger.ch