Microwave Technology

With the future on the same wavelength

Since 40 years we have produced high-tech microwave technology for food preparation as well as laboratory and industrial applications. Our approach remains the same. That is to be one step ahead of the progress. Thanks to our expert know-how, we have a wide range of solutions that are used in worldwide applications, such as:

  • Gastro ovens in the dining cars of the German Federal Railroad
  • Excursion boats on almost all Swiss lakes
  • Laboratory equipment for renowned cosmetic, chemical and food companies
  • Food warmers e.g. large hotel chains such as Marriott, among others
  • Built-in kitchen appliances for reputable manufacturers
  • In industrial plants

Those who follow their own path, leave the competition way behind them. The decisive factors are convincing and clever built-up strategies to ensure that your product is better. And has a higher return. We focus our expertise on the development of new solutions and then implement these solutions in cost-optimized devices and systems. Surprising technological approaches open up new horizons.