One technology, many applications

In terms of increasing food shelf life, our technology is one cooking cycle ahead of conventional methods of cooking. It can simply be omitted; therefore you save a lot of energy. In addition, the reduction has a positive effect: vitamins and trace elements are retained better.

  • Energy savings per year correspond approximately to a two-digit percentage (return on investment within two years)
  • Increased food quality
  • Microwave technology based on a tunnel oven: This continuous process is more controllable and less costly (no intermediate storage)


In the purification of aggressive acids and solvents microwaves achieve excellent results. This also applies to the gentle extraction of flavors or oils.

  • No boiling delays
  • Less liquid components in the vapor phase
  • Distilling under sub-boiling conditions
  • Higher purity of the distillate


For the sudden evaporation of liquids, microwave technology is also often used. Both in the pre-conditioning of casting resins and curing of epoxy resins. Other areas of application: Thermal treatment of plastic blanks, heating or curing of adhesive joints, production of laminated glass and packaging materials.

  • Uniform heating of substances
  • Delay-free running of temperature profiles
  • Highest energy input in the shortest time


Microwave technology is the ideal way to dry wood, ceramic and leather fibers evenly and quickly. Other processes can also be optimized with it, such as the drying of fruits or herbs or the ink in the printing of packaging material.

  • Prevent damage in temperature-sensitive media
  • Prevention of skin formation during drying of solvent-containing layers