Application Areas

Quality and Profitability

Food sector

Whether it is about pasteurization, preparation, preservation, dehydration, distillation, decontamination of food – we develop a complete range of efficient, safe and gentle solutions. Therefore technology wise hardly any boundaries are set for us – from microwave technology to steam cooking and infrared up to vacuum technique etc. Our biggest task is to combine quality as well as profitability in an optimal way. As for example our microwave tunnel oven:

  • Consistent, quick and gentle heating
  • Up to 60% more efficient than conventional equipment
  • Easier and faster than with an autoclave
  • Continuous process, which is easily integrated


Gastronomic sector
We manufacture four different standardized microwave units, with different technical options. Which one meets your requirements in an optimal way, you find in our brochures. Or we gladly help you in a personal consultation. Very popular, among other products are the low temperature cooking / warm-keeping cabinet Hold-o-mat and the steam based regeneration unit Reg-o-mat which we developed and produce for the company Hugentobler Schweizer Kochsysteme AG.

Laboratory sector
We manufacture roughly 1’500 OEM microwave units for laboratory applications, which optimize many different processes. For example the drying of chemicals or an intermediate product, digestion of sparingly soluble substances, extraction of aromatic substances or the speeding up of syntheses.

Industrial sector
Our modular construction system allows us to offer industrial equipment with a wide range of microwave power. The solutions are always customer specific, which are developed jointly with our customers and manufactured to their needs.

Microwave leakage tester
To guarantee the maximal operational safety, the microwave leakage has to be checked. Our microwave leakage tester is doing the job for you.

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